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Sunday, July 3, 2011 ,4:48 PM
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I'm ready :)

It's time to let go of this shitty blog and shitty memories ;) Not all are shitty, so I'm just gonna leave it here with a link in my new blog at moi archives.

in the end i guess i still am holding on a lil ehehe.

So here it is guys. No gonna like force you into relinking or crap like that coz well, it's a free world.



I couldn't think of any other domain. Quit fathoming D:

Dear Undesirable-Camen,
It's been a great 4 years (holymada i've been on this blog for that long). But it's time to let go. You've been an incredible canvas for me to paint. It's not you, it's me. I'm not gonna lie, loyalty isn't one of the traits I possess. But I promise, I'll forever and always remember you.




Friday, February 4, 2011 ,11:56 PM
Title: Happy Chinese New Year! :)
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So, my grandad passed away on the 19th of December, 2010. Thus, for 100 days I have to sorta mourn by not celebrating any occasion. Including Chinese New Year. I mean I can celebrate it.. But I'm not allowed to enter other my friends' and relatives' homes.

This sucks, and I do not believe in silly superstitions like such. But I accept it, and I respect my grandmom who is still alive.

Anyway, I want to wish all of you a Happy Chinese New Year :)

And I am so bored. (Can you tell? When I get too bored,I start blogging.) teeheehee.

What else can a teenage girl do when she's bored?
Picture 1
She abuses the webcam.

I'm getting quite comfortable with my new glasses and I've learned to like it. I like that it's versatile. It can be trendy and that I can wear it school to study.

Picture 4
And I'm starting to think I look better with my spectacle on! :0 tell me your opinion, my imaginative readers.

Picture 6
Oh, and last friday was the R.E.A.L Academic Award, where they reward you with trophies and certificates for your performance in class based on the 3rd term exams of 2010.

Gold trophy: Best In Literature In English ( there's only like 7 students who take this subject LOL! But I scored A+ throughout all 3 terms okay! :D )

Bronze Trophy: Best Performance in Semi Science Stream, 3rd Place. ( Wenx got first and Karen got 2nd ) I bet their scores were higher than mine by alot!

If I knew an event like that took place, I would have studied harder teeheehee.

JunYing's house tomorrow! Yeeha. He was my only friend who allowed me in his house D:

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Tuesday, February 1, 2011 ,10:32 PM
Title: Just for Gags
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So yesterday I went to get passport-sized photographs for myself for some particulars I have to submit after CNY.

I had to get a new pair of spectacles as my old one went missing! It's an embarrassing story; I put them in my pocket and it fell off somewhere and I can't find it D:
So I went to Sg Wang on Sunday to get them done ASAP because I rely on them alot.

My power increased by 50 for each eye. Its not bad for 2 years. So its 250 and 300. Its pretty high, but my eyes do okay without them sometimes.. LIKE NOW HEH :D

So the optician suggested me to wear my spectacles on more frequent for the first few days so that I can get used to it. I told my mom I wanted to take them off when I take the passport-sized photos, but she told me to put em on so that I'll look more like a student.

Ready? Here comes.


YOUR STUDENT. I look like a fat geek who gets her head forced down the toilet bowl by mean girls FML. The glasses only accentuate my nerdy-ness. Sigh..

I thought retro glasses were the "in" thing now, and being the superficial teen I am, I chose it. My dad likes it (he's always supportive) and my mom calls me lam ah zan! 林阿珍!

Don't know who the hell she is?

THIS my friends, is 林阿珍 :(

My mom's exaggerating, I'm EXTREMELY sure.

Why can't my photos be as acceptable as my camwhore self?!


To eff-ed up pictures:

I feel like a bimbo. Excuse me for my shameless display of disgusting self affection.


,4:34 PM
Title: I Will Follow You Into The Dark
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Cover by AJ Rafael

Cover by Gavin Mikhail

T be honest this is my favourite, but he talked so much and sang so little.

feel free to listen to the original by DCFC. Love them.

I'm pretty obsessed with this song. It touched something in me. Hmm.


Saturday, January 22, 2011 ,9:47 PM
Title: Chinese Singing Competition
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Hey guys!

So, I guess I don't have to elaborate much on the Chinese Singing Competition since it has created such a buzz on Facebook! But nah! I still wanna blog about it :D Okay, the competition was open since last year, November before school ended. Auditions were held, for solo acts and groups. And this is the first time Suria organised such a thing.

I was there during the auditions, as a timekeeper but I was actually chosen to be the Emcee of the event alongside Chee Kit and Evane. I wasn't excited about it at first, to be perfectly honest, I thought of it as a drag.


Accepting that offer of becoming the Emcee for this event was one of the best things that happened to me in my life as a high school student. I am now very much closer to people like Yee Ying, Chee Kit and Wei Loon!

Especially Chee Kit! WTF Chee Kit's mean comments and stabbing are like EPIC and hilarious! I can't help but laugh my head off when he makes an evil comment about someone. HAHAHA, memories :D
Credits to Ingrid

the picture used for the slideshow.
Credits to JiaWen

Of all my experiences of becoming an Emcee, this tops it off. I had the most fun, even when I was moving around with heels 4 inches high for 3 hours. Okay fine, I admit it was brutally painful D: I was actually quite nervous at first because I had to speak some lines in Chinese (it is a chinese singing competition after all) Its not that I suck real bad in Chinese, its just that I don't feel as confident speaking in Chinese than in English.


Yee Thong and I

stupid hair made me look like I have double chin :(

Evane and Yee Thong

But, all went better than expected! And some teachers even told us we done well :D teehee, but there were alot of spontaneous crap we had to come up with since we were so lazy to prepare scripts!


Chee Kit's expression! hahaha

Pretty pretty Seow Ching from dance group Love City!

Backstage crew!

Wei Loon and I! I love his complexion ): I cannot resist from touching his face, it looks so smooth, I had to touch it!! Sorry for harassing you Wei Loon.

Evane and I
Credits to MinChi

Peisan and I! Thanks to her, I get to see my pictures on FB.

Ching Sze, who sits next to me in class since last year!

Eric and KokTong from 世界末日! They got 2nd.

I have a confession to make:
I am madly in love with Chee Shern's singing. I know lah, I sound like a stupid ass bimbo. But seriously, the way he sings, the way he pours out his soul into the song, the way he sings like every single word of the lyrics are written by him, the intensity of his voice (especially the lower keys he sings omg, his voice can be so deep and light at the same time) .. Its almost like its magic. And its beautiful. Incredibly beautiful.

If you feel it really, you can tear. I'm not exaggerating, seriously. He won okay!

I don't care if I looked like a ghost in this picture but I feel so happy/starstrucked cuz Chee Shern is in it!

My life is now complete. HAHAHA, just kidding. There's Chee Shern, credits to Peisan.

We gave him flowers when he sang (again because he won). I got too excited, well the picture speaks for itself.

But I feel really bad at the same time! D: My good friend Wenx was really good too and I didn't give her as much support as I should have. I was blinded by Chee Shern's sudden presence as a performer, I forgot about her.
I'm so incredibly sorry, Wenx. I know its too late, but please know that you are a star. Forever and always. And because I'm straight, I didn't get all googly-eyed over you D: but please know that you're awesome in singing!! And I feel horrible ): forgive me. And congratulations on being 2nd (:

This post took me forever.

Good night everyone!

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Thursday, January 6, 2011 ,10:05 PM
Title: :(
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on days like this i can just die.


i hate migraines. im having it for 4 days straight now and i feel groggy all the time. teachers in form 5 are merciless :( its the first week of school and apparently we look like we live on homework.


sorry for my horrible punctuation, i hardly type like this but eeeeeeeeeeeeee. i have so much to do for the weekends and i am finally feeling at least a little satisfaction towards my progress of my complexion. i don't want stress to screw it up for me, i worked too hard for this. i force myself to poop everyday or at least once every two days so that i get rid of the toxins in my toxic body!

and im experiencing hairfall fugmalife. oh noooo my crowning glory. why can't it be my excessive body hair fall instead nooooo. my hair drops everywhere i go, my kakak is getting annoyed heh.

i shouldn't give in to stress and pressure. i will try not to. ok lah sorry for this mildly emo post. i don't have anyone to talk to other than my imaginary blog readers.

blog, you have served me well.

time to sleep like a log. and pull off my spongebob smile on my face as usual next morning. how does spongebob smile anyway? 0.0

sorry for this random shite and torturing you guys with a sea of negativity. i still love you guys like i love my awesome pillow which i will be crashing into in a minute.

but not as much as sexy ass torres.

fernando, you're unbeatable.


Friday, December 3, 2010 ,8:26 PM
Title: Henna
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spock fever still not treated ;)

Hiya people.

So I'm back from Thailand since Monday, and I am insanely lazy to post the pictures I took from Thailand. Maybe some other time when I am free-er :D heh.

HOLIDAYS. Ahh, bliss. I do not understand how my friends can find holidays boring. And they prefer schooling over holidays! I don't find that humanly possible, but oh well. I enjoy relaxing and being a pig at home.

Anyways, I went to Chow Kit today (my dad works there) and my mom wanted to get a pedicure nearby so poof we followed. My sister and I went to the beauty parlour and we were there for almost 3 and a half hours 0.0

But it was a productive 3 hours. CUZ I GOT MESELF HENNA! Just in case you don't know what that is, refer to the above pictures. Its kinda like an "Indian Tattoo" where Indians normally get one on a festive season or perhaps a special occasion like a wedding etc.

I love body art and I use to spam AXN Channel 701 during midnight to watch Miami Ink/London Ink/ LA Ink. I adore Cat, one of the tattoo artist. She's so incredibly skilled and talented.

The Henna usually about a week or so but this ink my mom bought is a kick ass one, and when my mom first used it it lasted for about 3 to 4 weeks. YAY!! :D

ngehhhhhhh. shall tumblr now cuz its such a cute network.


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